Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eastman Kodak, another one bites the dust…

Ok this is purely conjecture but I am starting to hear about push back when proposing Kodak products to high level clients. My local superiors are saying the typical, "business as usual." But we know what that means, "They dont know and they want us to keep marching without missing a step."

The rumors are that at the higher levels they are being told not to go forward with Digimaster and NexPRESS products as they will be going away soon. So I am putting my feelers out to get more feedback from YOU. Many times you know what is happening before the news hits the street. I had heard months ago that Ricoh was looking at Kodak for the high end production black and white and color and so they would not have to develop a strong workflow product.

I was recently in a position to be aware of a huge Federal deal that would involve thousands of machines, the word from the silver hair and black tie side of the business is a "no go" on the Kodak products the word coming down from their superiors in the fancy building with the pearly gates is that HP is making a play for Kodak and that that product line is going away anyway!

Going away anyway? What do you mean says the innocent pirate who sells the big iron? Yes going away says the silver haired man in his late 60's. Could it be that Ricoh the 'new' one world leader is coming forth with its own product to replace it. Replace it wow; that sounds well wow…

Could it be that the great minds that gave us the engine for the IBM infoPRINT have stepped down to create for us "the ants of the 'new' one world leader" a great and ultimately powerful multi-function of destruction?

The great destroyer of all that is Docutech, Varioprint and Digimaster? Wow, (for those of you that don't know better don't hold your breath.) I am very interested to see what we are going to replace these MaMaMaMillions of clicks a month Machines.

What could this new Multi-Function of Destruction look like? What will be its call to arms. Will it cost those that wield it their souls? Will it be like a cyborg and run itself? How far into the future do we have to look to get a small glimpse of what is coming down the pike from our engineering friends across the great oceans from our 'new' one world leader?

I do not know of what could be motivating people to NOT sell the Digimaster products especially since we have always been the largest channel for these products anyway I would rather us buy them than another competitor especially like an HP that already is whooping up on us with their Indigo sheetfed and web products I really do not need them coming down into my small shops and taking away all that which Ricoh has giveneth.

One thing that is very apparent is that Kodak is a bit vulnerable at the moment. After posting a “preliminary Net Loss of $137 million, or $.51 per share.” For the 4th Quarter of 2008 and watching their stock dwindle from a close on April 28th 2008 of $17.89 to $3.95 April 28th 2009 they have seen better days. Watching a company prepare to lay off 4500 people or almost 18% of their workforce could start a few rumors all by itself.

Hey if you have the inside track please feel free to enlighten me as this has become the great soap opera for all things pirate-like.

Pirate Mike…

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  1. What was once incorrectly reported by the Wall Street Journal continues to perpetuate like an old email joke that keeps resurfacing in your email inbox. The link speaks for itself.

  2. . . . another video from our CMO, Jeff Hayzlett to dispell the incorrect WSJ article among other things.

    Paul Schiller
    Marketing Manager, Kodak B2B

  3. Mike, it would be fair to compare stock prices of more than one company, such as EK vs GE; both have declined in mirror-like fashion -- but the economic climate has more to do with the discussion than what you're trying to portray.;range=1y;compare=ek;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

    These opinions are mine and not necessarily those of Eastman Kodak Company.