Monday, May 4, 2009

Ricoh expands its managed print services, is nothing sacred?

Everyone is in the managed print services gig, from all of the manufactures to dealers and specialty boutique offerings from consulting agencies. Ricoh announced April 27th that it is expanding its offerings to "initiate savings up to 30% plus additional timely benefits and improvements into the future." Well sounds like a better mouse trap to me. Although Ricoh is not new to managed print services it is obvious that the way that the industry is leaning it is part of the future growth of the company. Process improvement and a comprehensive approach to the entire document life cycle will bring Ricoh to the next level in competing with other major players that are already very strong in this arena.

From consulting engagements, to the effective analysis and deployment of hardware, software, maintenance, printer fleet management, facility management, professional services in the areas of office solutions and document imaging, archiving and disaster recovery Ricoh intends to become a dominant world leader in the last frontier of an already intensely commoditized industry. Leaning on its new found step-son, IKON to be part of the tool box that will bring this to fruition. Ricoh will continue its march for world dominance.

I am interested to watch this area of the business grow and expand as companies start to look at managed print services as the preferred approach. People, processes and technology, what a great mix to spice up an already stagnant marketplace and bring something fresh to the table. Managed print services will take office equipment manufacturers and their servants to the next level. Is there room in this brave new world for an old pirate? Only time will tell…

Pirate Mike…

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