Saturday, July 16, 2011

Move over MPS for the new OPS, the BPO that is automated and doesn't have a 30% uplift!

Funny I would write about OPS but in this world of outsourced business processes there is always a "better mouse trap." and in the world of MPS WE DON'T hear about automating and "lean" practices in it. In fact I would contend that MPS is to printers what FM is to big iron heavy, loaded with overhead and full of mystery.

In the world of business and technology solutions we talk about "where there is mystery there is margin. And that is what I feel about MPS.

Who asked for MPS anyway? Was it the companies that said "we are inefficient at managing our printers?" Or what it the industry that said "look over hear at this shiny bright object?"

Yes it is true all of the statistical data of help desk calls and the clutter and cost that these little objects cause pain and mayhem for the enterprise. But my contention is that by using lean concepts we would never throw people at the solution.

People are inherently the cause of inefficiency and over spending in this world! The death of a copier said it well "MPS is dying; let's kill it!"

And that is exactly what Konica Minolta is doing with OPS. Optimized Print Services is what JDF is to the printing world. Optimizing the fleet and automating the processes surrounding the printers and allied print services.

MPS will die but not because people will give up their printers; no in fact we see that even with the push of the MFD grouping and clustering of assets printers are alive and well in our "paperless offices."

Letting people keep their printers and bundling them with their MFDs and automating the processes surrounding the management and implantation of an enterprise fleet is what OPS is about.

Someday I will be replaced to when people can automate their high volume, high quality production of their transactional and one to one marketing communications, but not in my lifetime!

Long live production print and the fools that follow this insane career path!

Pirate Mike

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