Friday, February 19, 2010

Got Coach? One pirates view on having a life coach…

Now this really could apply to many areas of your life. What is amazing to me is how many people that I talk to that are really dissatisfied with where they are in life. They are not happy with their progress at work, home etc. What is even more amazing to me is how many emails I receive that talk solely of how they are amazed at my hobbies, interests and pursuits.

I admire people that are "living their dream," as I am living mine. But I don't envy, or wonder or get amazed, I just admire that they had the courage to step out and be different. I remember a statement that has stuck with me my whole life. It went something like this, "Why watch dynasty on tv, when you could be out creating your own?" If I remember right it was a slogan that Amway used in pep rallies. But the importance of what it is saying is still true.

I think that direction, fear not having someone to use as a soundboard are all reasons for not accomplishing our goals and dreams especially as it pertains to work.

Now what do Professional Athletes, CEO's, actors, have in common? They all have coaches. Tiger Woods has a swing coach, Actors have theatrical coaches, CEO's and powerful business people use life and sales coaches. So why do so few of us have a coach? What is a coach?

Most definitions use some phraseology like this, "one that gives instruction." Now if you're not achieving what you want out of your personal, professional and spiritual life surely you can see the value of having a personal coach?

Now it is much like a counselor, except that you are really going to get somewhere; and you're going to get more than an introspective view of what has happened to you in your life and how you processed it. This is relative to what is going to happen to you in the future and how successful and fulfilled you're going to be. Now granted a psychiatrist and the many related fields are for mental illness, and there is certainly room for that. But a life coach and a counselor have their roots in the same pot, and many times will blur together in a successful individuals life. A good Life/Sales/Executive Coach will have a background in counseling, to help guide you through the tough business and personal challenges that you will face.

A good coach will be a mentor, teacher, counselor, coach, guide, friend, and will often say things to you no one would have the guts to say. (Except some of my friends, they have no shame in telling me what they think I need to hear)

Now I have been in executive level sales for 6 years, during those 6 years I have almost always had a coach. From Zack Jones at Konica Minolta to Larry Poe who was a Sales/Executive Coach that Datamax employed to work with us to Monica Huddleston or Brian Balow at IKON. It is invaluable to have someone to work in this capacity for you. You cannot afford to not have a coach, unless you just don't have any dreams or desire to get ahead. And then it is ok not to have a coach. Family and friends can help, but they typically are poor sources for this type of training. We usually need someone from the outside that can speak into our lives that we have no other feelings for or some other relationship that would interfere with our learning and listening. Sadly enough it is typically our family and friends that become dream stealers as they have no perspective or experience that can help us get to the next level.

I am a firm believer in having a mentor, counselor, trainer and coach. I have benefited greatly from having this type of relationship resource. And more than the personal benefits that come from it that go into every area of your personal life and help to make you the person that you would like to become. It also advances you professionally and directly impacts the type of success you have both financially and in your career mobility.

All I can say is Got Coach?

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." - Henry David Thoreau

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