Monday, April 19, 2010

Konica Minolta, the bizhub PRESS® C8000; coming out serving CREO out of the gates…

Konica Minolta has always partnered with Creo for controllers but many times the Creo Controller wouldn't be available at launch. The new Konica Minolta, the bizhub PRESS® C8000 will be shown at On Demand with the The IC-307 Print Controller. This new Creo Controller will be JDF compliant as to fit into the most predominant workflows like KODAK Printergy and Agfa Apogee and many other top level systems. Anymore not being able to maximize your investment with your production printing means extra steps and wasted resources. By tying your systems together and maximizing your capital investments your getting closer to a LEAN environment. This is one way to PRINT LEAN!

The new Konica Minolta, the bizhub PRESS® C8000 will boast a twin fusing system like the Canon imagePRESS to allow rated speed up to 300 GSM.

With true 1200 X 1200 Dpi and the Konica Minolta standard 8 bit color you are surely going to have world class color. I have not seen the device but everyone that has been privileged to work on it seems to think this "clean sheet" design will revolutionize how production color is produced. With the ability to run 300 GSM at rated speed you will have the opportunity to maximize your production. Running up to 300GSM duplexed or 350GSM simplex will allow for more options in the shop. Especially since 14pt and 16pt business cards are becoming so prominent now days.

For those that are serious about investing in a production color device this year take some time and go to On Demand starting tomorrow and get a glimpse of history in the making. From exacting color management tools to the production level inline finishing options this new digital press is surely going to make some IGEN, NexPRESS and Indigo owners take notice with a price tag of half to 2/3rds Less and an operating cost that rivals cheap color copiers there are going to be some changed buying decisions over the next few years by these big iron owners.

I am excited to see the technology deliver the promise that was offered some fifteen years ago that never materialized. The next time you think Digital Press Don't Forget toThink Bizhub!

Pirate Mike

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